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We offer a range of outdoor air coolers, patio heaters and floor standing/portable AC’s to buy or rent

Outdoor cooling and heating systems professionals in UAE

The trend of having (or hiring) outdoor and ductless heating and cooling systems have gain much popularity these days in Dubai. Today you no longer need full electrical installment for setting up air conditioners or heating system in your accommodation. The use of outdoor cooling and heating units like misting fans, outdoor air coolers, patio heaters and portable outdoor AC’s have become very common. The popularity of these appliances is a result of their enormous advantages and ease in their use. Traditional air conditioners or heating pumps are designed to force cool or heated air through pipes whereas outdoor and ductless heating and cooling systems can deliver air directly anywhere you want. They do not require extensive wiring except for simple mounting for the provision of electricity.  

PRIORITY OUTDOOR RENTALS HAS YOU COVERED (in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah only. other Emirates subject to inquiry)

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