Outdoor Cooling Misting rental within UAE


Today, air-conditioning has long been quite common because it cannot use in the outdoors. However, Middle east and the Abu Dhabi and Dubai had already used spray or Misting equipment in the outdoor environment cooling. Misting technology is quite environmentally friendly, can also be used to reduce dust, deodorant, and energy saving for the central air conditioning system. A few years ago the company introduced a variety of Misting programs in Dubai, the business has grown considerably every year.


The founder of Hong Kong fog industry said that during a summer trip in 2009, he first saw the benefits and opportunities of Misting technology in an open-air restaurant in Malaysia and the outdoor area of ​​Universal Studios Singapore. The weather was very hot at the time, but he felt quite cool. It turned out that the two places are using a sprayer to cool.

As the spray of small water droplets are evaporated, it will take away some heat, so, within a few meters near the temperature can drop at least 3 to 4 degrees. This eliminates the need for a compressor, so the power consumption is quite low.

The biggest drawback of spray cooling technology and restrictions will increase the humidity. Therefore, this technology is mainly used in outdoor environments; indoor places are not suitable for most. However, the bread factory is an exception. Because there are many baking workshop baking equipment, happens to be high temperature and low humidity, so the use of spray technology to cool and improve the humidity, just right.



For the company that required cooling solution for an outdoor area, example in restaurants, the rental machine is mainly a number of open-air seating of the restaurant or bar, as well as a number of outdoor promotional activities of the company. In terms of time, the shorter the lease, the higher the rental price.