Air Conditioners & Outdoor Air Coolers use in Dubai


Air Conditioners & Outdoor Air Coolers

Dubai summer season is very hot, many events company worried about how they will maintain the comfort of the party. We cater rentals of various types of portable air conditioner to provide what suitable unit to be use. We value our clients by giving reasonable prices and dedication to provide you with high quality and excellent service.

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We help you choose the best choice according to customer exact requirement. The location of the air conditioner in the room has an impact on energy efficiency. Minimize air conditioning running time. Set the temperature a little higher to reduce the difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures. Use regular indoor fans in the room to help recirculate cooler, air condition. Air conditioning service and maintenance recommended by the technician to ensure effective operation.


Air conditioner & Outdoor cooler cooling operation principle and the principle of heating operation is the same, but only for the reversal of the direction of energy conversion. Use the air conditioner economically and comfortably.


Air conditioner should be set to the appropriate indoor temperature, if the room temperature adjustment switch in the “CONT” position, then the air conditioner will be independent of room temperature and continuous air operation. Correctly adjust the wind direction, the wind direction adjusted to automatically swing the air, get uniform room temperature. Open air, as far as possible to place the heat source in the air conditioning and refrigeration areas, such as water heaters and other heating appliances.