Outdoor cooling solutions

Outdoor cooling vs indoor

One of technology’s finest works is being able to change the temperature or humidity of a place, be it indoor or outdoor. There are two ways this can be done; air conditioners and evaporative air coolers and cooling.Outdoor cooling vs indoor -coolmaste Dubai

Indoors, the throne belongs to air conditioners as they use far more equipment and technology known as refrigeration. Of course, this can be expensive and it is suitable for those users who are settled and are looking forward to long term efficient use within confined spaces.

However, for outdoor cooling, the throne belongs to evaporative air coolers (& misting solutions), Also known as just evaporative coolers. Evaporative coolers are incredible. Not only do they help save energy, but they also help save cash. Evaporative coolers work by, obviously, evaporating water. Pretty simple, right? Wrong!

There’s much more to evaporation than you think. When you sweat, why does you feel coolness on your skin when a slight breeze occurs? It’s because the sweat absorbs heat from your skin, giving a cooling sensation. The same principle applies here. When the water inside the cooler evaporates, it absorbs heat from its surroundings and in this case, the surroundings is the air around it. Now you may ask, do we need to wait for the whole water to evaporate because the last time I checked, evaporation is pretty darn slow! Well calm your horses because this is dealt with by supplying some thermal energy and hence, accelerating the evaporation process.

Another point to notice is that evaporative cooling works best in less humid conditions. Taking Dubai as example, evaporative cooling might not be effective for the extreme humid month of year.

What about misting

There are many types for evaporative outdoor cooling techniques, one of which is pure high pressure misting systems. Misting systems work by launching water at high speeds through a high-pressure pump and through a micro brass and stainless-steel mist-nozzle, thereby, giving birth to beautiful mist. Mist is not completely evaporated water and since these mist particles are so little, they insta-evaporate and insta-cool your desired place. To implement this system, misting fans are mostly used. Misting fans blow fine mist which alone can maintain coolness really well. On top of that, if the air not too humid, the mist evaporates, taking the heat around with it to give off coolness. Misting fans may be used indoors as well as outdoors. They also come in small, portable, battery-powered misting fans for a brief use.

Temporary outdoor cooling

Now that you know about portable evaporative air coolers and misting, what about the need of temporary outdoor cooling setup for an event?

While misting & fans could be used for that (Coolmaster Dubai offers these services), The use of portable evaporative outdoor coolers is more common. We offer these on rental basis, beside patio heaters within UAE.

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And one last piece of advice,

Don’t get your cooling solution from bulk retailers who sell TV’s & diapers. Stick to the outdoor cooling professionals when you try to get the best outdoor cooling solution. At “Coolmaster Dubai” We offer free consultation/ advice, trained evaporative cooling technicians to setup and service.